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"A sanctuary to be unapologetically Awesome"

1- Student Ratio
Our insurance allows for a ratio of 8 students per 1 instructor. (more students may attend when an assistant is present).  
A maximum of 2 students per 1 apparatus.

If you have not preregistered & we are at max capacity in either of these ratio's we will not be able to safely teach you, therefore, you will be turned away
Pt2 -
When a class is booked and only one student shows that class then becomes a "private lesson" and will be half the length of the original class. the cost of the class is the same.


2- Late to class

Not participating in the full warm-up can substantially increase the potential of injury thus increasing the liability to yourself, and the instructor. If your class instructor is the only person in the building they are required to lock the front door. If this happens you will be considered a no-show, and not eligible for any refund or class credit. If by chance there are other faculty members on the premises and you are able to enter the building you will be granted access to the class to take notes and observe so you can participate the following week.

This policy is for your safety. Please communicate with your instructor if you are running behind for class. In most cases, we will hold the class for 5 minutes to wait for your arrival if we know you are on your way.

3- Refunds & Credits

We keep our class sizes small with the belief that a more intimate learning environment is safer & also yields better individual results. Refunds are not currently an option.
  3a) If you are looking to cancel a class you can do so freely in our online booking system when there are more than 24 hours before the booked class. If there are less than 24 hours before your class you will be charged as a no show unless your spot can be filled by another paying customer.
  3b) I
n the case of emergency, illness, or injury class credits may be available at the discretion of the management team based on individual evaluation. Class credits must be used within 30 days unless the circumstances are prolonged at which point an application for an extension may be available.


4- Cancelled Classes

We reserve the right to cancel a class due to reasons such as but not limited to low registration, inclement weather, instructor illness or structural damage. If you are registered for a class and it is cancelled you will receive a credit equivalent to the money lost which must be used within 30 days

5- Sale of goods

Goods new & used that are not directly manufactured by VIIV are not the responsibility of VIIV 


6- Membership Suspension or termination

By registering for classes you are agreeing to follow the rules outlined in our student etiquette, community standards & policies. If there are breaches of these agreements we reserve the right to terminate your membership without the possibility of a refund.


We have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying or bullying behaviour. We give our instructors full authority to dismiss any student that is taking away from our main objective which is to create a sanctuary for ALL.

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