-  Mission Statement  -

"A sanctuary to be unapologetically Awesome"

PT 1 - Community Member Expectations:

We are not just a fitness facility, we are a community with health & wellness as our lifestyle. We ask that you participate in the following to ensure we are all giving our best to this community.


1- Confidentiality

Students come to class from different backgrounds & for different reasons. We ask that all of our students sign an agreement that is meant to keep confidentiality of the classmates & other patrons of the studio. You, of course, are welcome to speak of your own personal experiences, but we ask that the names/images/video footage etc. of your fellow community members are not shared unless you have their confirmed written consent.


2- No judgement

   a) People of different backgrounds & experiences come to our studio. We ask that you keep an open mind & judgement-free heart when at the studio.

   b) People are allowed to be quick learners as well as slower learners. We will not tolerate anyone feeling shamed for being a quick or slow learner. Our instructors will ensure that students progress at a rate that is safe for them.

   *If you feel the need to compete with others personal milestones, or put your ego above personal safety, then we are NOT the studio for you.


3- Promote Positivity

As a sanctuary we want our space to be enjoyed as healthy "me time"

We care deeply for our students, but we are not professional counsellors or life coaches. For that reason, if a time comes when we recognize that your emotional needs are more than we are equipped to handle & they are affecting your experience or the experience of others within our facility, we may gently & lovingly suggest that you seek help outside of the studio. This includes pervasive negative self-talk or other destructive, disruptive or triggering behaviours.


4- Do not teach your classmates

The certified & insured instructor has gone through specific training to be in the position they are in. They have studied the movements & how to teach them. Also, your fellow classmates are paying to be taught by the instructor, not by a fellow student.


5- Personal Hygiene

We are a facility that promotes sensual awareness in the literal sense.

We do our best to maintain a clean & odour sensitive facility. Perfumes & body odours will be asked to be dealt with before or during class to ensure that the experience of all of our students is a pleasant one.


PT 2 - Safety & Classroom Preparedness:

  • Come to class hydrated, fed, & well slept.

  • Remove or conceal jewellery in a way that it will not damage equipment or cause harm to yourself.

  • Wear appropriate clothing. The class descriptions will identify the specific items you are required to have to participate.

  • Arrive to class on time. Warm-up is essential to prevent injury.

  • Listen to your body. Immediately stop an activity if it does not feel right for your body. You can learn a lot by watching & listening

  • No oils or lotions the day of class. These products negatively affect your ability to grip equipment making them a safety concern.

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