Acuity Scheduler 101

Step 2 - 

Punch Pass options show up
Choose your package.

For the purpose of this demo, I will be using:
Unlimited 5 Class Pass,
but the steps are the same for both packages from this point forward.

Step 3 - 

Enter your personal information to create or retrieve your client file.

If you were given a code you can redeem it at the bottom.
Once you've entered your code press "update"

Step 4 - 

You are given a receipt with details.

A certificate code will be
e-mailed to you for later use, OR
you can press "Schedule
to sign in to your classes.

At the bottom left there is a "make another purchase"
button if you are buying more than one
6-week series,
single class, or adding a punch pass.

Step 5 - 

The classes available to you will show up.

Select the class you want to book first.


Step 6 - 

The calendar will show dates that are available for the selected class type

Click the first date you wish to attend.


Step 7 - 

The time of the class shows.
Press "Add a Time" to add the selected date.

I will select October 11
Then move to the November calendar and select Nov 8th
as dates that I am signing into for this class.

Once I am satisfied I will press Continue

Almost there . . . . .

Step 8 - 

Please read the preparedness list, Visit our website to see the terms conditions & policies.
Then click that you agree to the terms above

Complete your appointments


Step 9 - 

You've booked your first class type!

At the bottom of this screen you can click:
"schedule another Appointment" to repeat the process with a different type of class!



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